advautoAdvantage Auto Sales opened in 1998 with two goals: to make every buying experience a great one, and to help anyone buy a car, no matter the condition of his credit.

Customers responded, and soon the New Kensington, Penn. used-car dealership began to realize success. But as owner Tom Strellec explains, the business was challenging: “Anyone can take $500 down from a guy who’s been in town for a few months,” he says. “But good underwriting comes from experience and discipline. You look at a person’s time on the job, time in the area, and the amount of money they earn per month, as well as the down payment they can afford. Then we decide if that person is approved and what that approval consists of.”

Advantage Auto Sales persevered through the trials and errors of early underwriting, and through economic downturns and recoveries. But still, the business was hard. “Before we found Advantage Funding, the finance companies we used didn’t allow for much up-front money,” says Strellec. “They also didn’t allow for a back-end warranty on each vehicle or re-conditioning fees to fix them up.”

Then Tom spoke with an industry colleague who introduced him to Advantage Funding. “I talked with Advantage Funding about what I was doing and about their Buy Here Pay Here program, and decided to give it a shot,” says Strellec. “I found it works out well for both of us. Advantage Funding likes the type of inventory and underwriting we do, and I appreciate the additional up-front financing, which means more cash flow for our business. More cash flow means we can carry more inventory—and more inventory means we sell more cars.”

Advantage Auto Sales wins big with Advantage Funding, and so do dealership customers. “Because of the Advantage Funding system, we can now warranty our cars for nearly the life of the loan, and this really pleases our customers,” says Strellec. “It’s also a great insurance policy for us.”

Strellec and his firm have done business with Advantage Funding for more than four years now. “The ease of paperwork and funding are big positives,” he says. “We’re able to approve more people and get 100% upfront cash for every vehicle financed. Plus, the relationship we have with the staff at Advantage Funding makes it that much easier.”

“People Helping People.” It’s a motto at Advantage Auto Sales. You might say it comes full circle.