Winter’s chill tends to cool off business in some industries. It’s the slow season for many motorcoach companies, for example; for livery services too.  Meanwhile, monthly expenses march on through the winter months, straining cash flow until business heats up in the spring.

Slowdowns affect companies of all sizes, but smaller businesses and those focused on seasonal services certainly feel the pinch more. Small companies with 1-25 motorcoaches log the greatest share of motorcoach miles annually in the U.S. and Canada—46%, according to the American Bus Association. Nearly 40% of motorcoach services are focused on tours and another 20% on sightseeing, the association also estimates—activities that tend to taper off in colder months.

Even the construction industry, which is rebounding and will soon reach an all-time spending high of $1.25 trillion, according to the U.S. Commerce Department, feels the cold during the winter months, when snow and plunging temperatures delay projects across much of the country.

One Way to Cope

To help businesses manage these seasonal ups and downs, private lenders that know your industry can offer flexible equipment financing, scheduling payments in a way that eases the burden. These finance companies can structure the terms of your loan or lease to let you skip payments for a few months and then pick back up with payments when revenue rises. The ability to skip payments in a strategic way increases your cash flow and helps with budgeting.

There are other benefits to working with private lenders knowledgeable about your industry and the cyclical nature of your business. Some are known for their streamlined application processes and quick responses. Some offer qualified buyers low-rate programs and 100% financing. Private lenders can also build into your equipment loan or lease other flexible terms and repayment structures that make sense for your business.

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