Advantage Funding had a heartwarming experience this holiday season that we hope will cheer you, too. Staff members decided to use the money they donate to our Random Acts of Kindness Fund in a unique way.

Darasue Lyons, program director of our Lender Finance Division, tells the story.

“Our Random Acts of Kindness collection paid off three lay-a- ways at Toys R Us,” Lyons says. “I was there when the manager started calling the recipients of our kindness and witnessed first-hand the effect our efforts had on one family.”

“After the manager got off the phone, he told me that the father of that particular family had just lost his job last week and couldn't imagine how they were going to pay for their lay-a- way. The manager was crying as he told me of the conversation, I was crying, and people around us were crying.”

“So, thank you all for making a difference in the lives of three families this holiday season,” she told her co-workers.

This experience has made the holiday season an especially joyous one at
Advantage Funding. We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and
Happy Hanukkah.