Inventory Sales

All vehicles and equipment are inspected and serviced before they are sold.

Our inspection and maintenance processes are designed to lower the risks associated with purchasing a used vehicle. As part of these processes, our team:

  • Addresses mechanical issues, bodywork damage, and/or paint problems we identify
  • Provides full mechanical documentation, including oil and transmission fluid analysis and brake reports
  • Provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning service
  • Performs tire inspections and replacements

Note:  You should perform your own inspection prior to purchasing a vehicle to ensure that it is suitable for the purposes the vehicle will be used.

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PLEASE NOTE: The above equipment is Advantage owned either by repossession and/or contract termination other than by default. Our website is updated daily. Prices shown are Bank Payoffs but all legitimate offers will be considered. Unless indicated otherwise, all vehicles listed for sale are located at 34 Arthur Avenue, Brookhaven, NY.