transouthLarry Ferguson learned about Advantage Funding nearly 20 years ago when he and his firm were experiencing a period of hardship. He met Jaffet Juan, Regional Sales Manager at Advantage Funding since its inception, through friends in the industry and quickly formed a unique relationship. “After learning more about his business and discussing various options, we were certain we could offer him a loan” said Jaffet. “Jaffet believed in me and my company when other banks did not,” says Ferguson, owner of TranSouth Motorcoach, LLC, of Warner Robins, Ga. “He and the Advantage Team understood my plight and rose to the occasion, allowing me the opportunity to become a client.”

In the years since then, Ferguson and Advantage Funding have worked closely together to bring financial stability and growth to TranSouth, which provides local and national group charter trips anywhere in the U.S.

“When I applied to Advantage Funding for financing, they looked not only at my financial statements to reach a decision, but at other factors as well, including my company’s history and its business practices,” says Ferguson.

As a result, Ferguson says, Advantage Funding has been instrumental in TranSouth’s success. “Thanks to Jaffet and Advantage Funding, my fleet is stocked with modern coaches and my business is prospering,” says Ferguson. “Their customer service is second to none, always prompt and helpful. They’ve truly been a positive addition to my company, and I strongly recommend this finance company to anyone. I feel blessed to be part of the Advantage Funding family.”