applesIn the world of sunglasses, UVP means “ultraviolet protection.” But in the world of business, it means “unique value proposition.” Your UVP is a succinct statement that describes exactly how you deliver what your customers need – and how you do it better than anyone else. Your UVP protects a different kind of vision: your company’s value in the eyes of your customers.

Here are three steps to creating a dynamic UVP:

1. Speak to your customers’ needs.

It’s not about you; it’s about them! Decide who your customers are, and get to know them well. What are their needs and pain points? Create your UVP to tell concisely how your product or service is the solution. Carry a message that centers on your customers, not your company.

2. Pinpoint your difference.

Look at how your competitors describe themselves. Note what they do well or don’t do well with their UVP – and craft your message more succinctly. What features and benefits does your product or service deliver that are not available from your competitors? Is your offering more affordable? Is your service faster? Does your industry knowledge benefit your customers in a measurable way?

3. Say it in a few smart words.

On your website landing page and in all other customer-facing messages, use a short but powerful headline that summarizes your UVP: “Arrive in Style with Limousine Service of Lisle.” “Quick and Reasonable Removal by Williams’ Waste-Hauling.”

Then support your statement with a crisp paragraph that further proposes your unique value. Consider including a short bulleted list of specific product or service features — and their distinct benefits for your customers.

Keep your words simple and real. Avoid jargon and superlatives, such as “world-class” or “cutting-edge.” Such terms are so overused that they’ve lost their meaning.

If you haven’t already done so, consider summing up the essence of your offering in a company tagline. Here are some memorable taglines that have captured the UVP in four words or less: Nike: Just do it; Miller Lite: Great taste, less filling; Allstate: You’re in good hands.

Remember – you can’t be all things to all customers. Target your ideal customers and be the best for them. Then let your UVP permeate every customer touch-point and every aspect of your business. In a crowded field of indistinct offerings, a sound UVP can lift your company heads above the rest.

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